About Us

Marc and Jocelin


Whitaker’s Farm Market was founded by Marc and Jocelin Whitaker as a way of fulfilling their desire to work together as a family, helping others, and glorifying Yahweh (God) in their work.

Marc is the youngest of three children and grew up on his family’s 120 acre farm in Ohio where he raised Dexter beef cattle for over 10 years and was involved in the health food industry. Jocelin is an only child, and while she was born in Florida, she has called Ohio home for over 14 years. She has her degree as a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy which was born out herbs saving her life as a child and her love for learning and helping others. In total, she holds 5 degrees/certificatations in herbology, homeopathy, and naturopathy.  She is currently working on her PhD as well as specialist certificate in women’s fertility issues.

Marc and Jocelin were married in May 2015, and as they were praying about where Yahweh (God) was leading their family, they could see how He was putting their talents together to form Whitaker’s Farm Market.  Marc enjoys working with his hands, and the deli is his speciality!  Jocelin loves interacting with people, so you will often find her behind the counter or in the store talking with customers.

Most of all when interacting with Marc and Jocelin, you will quickly see their deep love for each other and Yahweh (God). As such, the verse they choose to sum up their mission is Colossians 3:17 “That is, everything you do or say, do in the name of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus), giving thanks through him to God the Father.” In their spare time, you can find them playing a board game, going for a walk, and spending time with family and friends.